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Rech Chemical Co.,Ltd

Başlık: Rech Chemical Co.,Ltd
Kategori: Firmalar / Kimya
Eklendi: Jul 20, 2011

Twenties years ago, Rech Chemical Co.,Ltd were mainly a solid manganese sulphate supplier. Today, backed by highly skilled specialists, we offer a comprehensive range of chemicals--from trace element to agrochemicals, from agrochemicals to pigment. Now we are a major manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and fertilizers to the mining, industrial and agricultural sectors.

In close contact with our customers, we have gone great lengths to improve processes, found synergies and built integrated systems in an innovative and flexible way. We provide information about the proper use of our products and make every effort to ensure safe, on-time transportation. Besides, we provide help in recycling. In this aspect, we have a team of professional and technical staff who are trained to offer our customers personal, quality service.

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